Hey, a new website!

My website needed a bit of a revamp and I’d been wanting to get back into messing around with WordPress. So here we are. The purpose of this thing is mostly to showcase my portfolio as a composer and producer: I’ve had the privilege of writing, recording, mixing, and mastering music for some very cool media productions over the last few years and I’m always working on more. And, of course, I’ll have stuff from my intergalactic funk-jazz-rock-hiphop-instrumental-soundtrack-electro-thrash band, Progger, interspersed throughout the media floating around this domain. As you might expect.

Please peruse the sounds and sights to your heart’s content and drop me an email with any inquiries about booking, lessons, commissions, licensing, or anything else like that. Oh yeah, and sheet music publication is coming soon! Hopefully. Probably.

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